“Space Jam”: The Good Old Days

Current times got you upset, angry or scared?  A nice throwback to the good old days might do you good. Space Jam, specifically.

Space Jam? Of all the critically acclaimed movies, you pick that one? Yes, it’s probably the most ridiculous concept ever for a movie. “Michael Jordan plays basketball alongside Bugs Bunny in order to save the NBA from basketball-power stealing cartoon aliens.”

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But it defined your childhood. MJ vs. Monstars was the most epic sports game you ever watched. You wanted to be “Like Mike” and score a game-winning basket to save the world!  And Bill Murray- the Ghostbusters guy, was in it! Plus, the opening theme song was super catchy: “Welcome to the Space Jam.” (And now you can’t ever play basketball without warming up to that song).

It’s without question the most 90’s movie ever made. Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, R Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly.” (Do kids these days even know the Looney Tunes?)

So, what better way to take you back to a simpler time? When life was like one big Disney movie in your mind. When the biggest political battle was: ‘Nsync or Backstreet Boys?

So, like a true 90’s baby, grab some Fruit Roll-ups and orange soda, and take a brief trip to the “Space Jam.”

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