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Classes For Free (No, Really!)

Want to learn something new or start your career? Is the mortgage-like cost of college preventing you? Then go to Coursera. It’s a website with free (no asterisk-included) classes from accredited universities.

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And by accredited universities, they mean really good schools. Some of the top in the world! UPenn, Stanford, Princeton, Northwestern University! If you’ve ever dreamed of going to an Ivy-League school, but weren’t Hermione Granger-smart, then this is your chance!

Coursera offers courses in almost every subject you can imagine! Social Media Marketing, Finance, Programming, Philosophy.

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Unfortunately, if you take the classes for free, you don’t get a certificate signaling your completion. You do have to pay for that. Still, most specializations (which are basically mini-degrees ) are less than $1,000. Not bad to say you casually “went to Stanford.”

So, if you want to get that top-rate education but not be drowning in $30,000 minimum of debt when you’re 23, consider Coursera!

The yellow brick road to the smart new you begins here!: Coursera

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