“Mario Party” Rock Anthem

Forget that frat party! The real Friday night turn-up was with Mario, Toad and Yoshi. Somebody crank that old GameCube up!

Before “Netflix and Chill,” we had “Marty Party . . . and not-so-chill.” That is, with tensions running high, chill was far from true.

These games had more treachery and backstabbing than an episode of Game of Thrones. “Sorry, Jan, but I really need those 50 coins. So I’m going to have to send the Boo ghost after you!” One bad round of Mario Party could mean a permanent strain in your friendships.

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Plus, these games were shadier than a Vegas slot machine. “Johnny, you had 11 coins all game! How did you win those stupid bonus stars?! Not fair!” But really, there was some black magic behind the scenes of that prize ceremony.

And the mini-games were so fun you could play them 5 times in a row (special shout-out to that one with the colored basketballs!). Although this party caused so much stress, it was always a blast.

Dig that GameCube out of your parents’ garage, and get ready for a Mario Party smackdown!

mario party fight.png
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