So Funny

Oops! She Did It Again

Want a good laugh? Start following Britney Spears on Instagram (see link below).

Instagram of the One and Only

Even if you’re not a fan of Britney, you’re sure to get a few chuckles out of her account.

Britney is the #1 cure for all those selfies (of people not doing anything) that make you sick of Instagram.

She posts the most random things- from memes of The Minions saying sassy things, to pictures of dogs wearing glasses.

On Inauguration Day, when social media was flooded with negative commentary, she posted this gem:

Stronger Than Yesterday

So don’t let politics make you ignore your social media account just yet! Hit that Instagram one more time!

And speaking of Britney gems: R.I.P, Denim Outfits. You are mourned.

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