Fill Your Life With Dogs (Without Buying One)

Would you like a dog, but don’t have the time or the money to support one? You can still experience some of the love and joy of dogs by following them on Instagram!

Dogs on Instagram are a huge thing now! Some of these dogs have over 80,000 followers! Yes, you read that right! These dogs are line to be the next Beyonce. Once you start following them, you’ll understand why.

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So, if you’re sick of those selfies and negative news, then filling your Instagram with dog accounts could be your road to happiness!

A few recommended accounts to follow:

Wonton Soup and Miso Soup the Pekingese: two fluffball brothers living the glamorous life in Boston.

Four Yorkies Mom: Four yorkies who have strong, hilarious personalities and like to dress up.

Teddy the Tiny Terrier: A small yorkie who is always smiling and full of love.

Start following now for more fluff!

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