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Lego Movies We Would Like To See

Lego Batman is getting great reviews so far, and we couldn’t be more excited to see it! That, combined with the success of the first Lego Movie, gives Warner Bros. more reason to continue with the Lego-centered movies. We have a few suggestions:

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  • Lego Suicide Squad: Because we’re still butthurt over the disappointing live-action film.
  • Lego Gremlins: What better way to resurrect the franchise?

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  • Lego Space Jam: We’ll even settle with LeBron if you give us this one, WB.
  • Lego Justice League: Because that would be epic!!
  • Lego Game of Thrones: Imagine the dragons!!
  • Lego Harry Potter: Because we want everything Harry Potter- and if you think we’re passing up this opportunity.

And if WB is adventurous enough to give these wacky Lego crossovers a shot:

  • Lego Gilmore Girls: Because Lego Kurt would be BAE.
  • Lego The Sopranos: How will Tony whack someone as a Lego?
  • Lego Inception: The visuals would be even crazier than the original!

You’ve got to imagine that something Lego is in development. Here’s hoping it will be awesome! And on a side note, the Lego Harry Potter video game is available on the iTunes store and it is magical!

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