What To Do On Friday/Saturday Night

Do you want to do something fun on Friday or Saturday night, but you’re not feeling the bar or club scene? Yes, there are other things you can do if that’s not appealing to you.

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Here are a few ideas:

  • See a movie- and be sure to check Rotten Tomatoes if you’re picky and only want to spend that $10-13 on a quality movie
  • Try a new restaurant- hit up that new Thai place that you keep driving by on the way to work and always say you’re going to try
  • Start a new TV show- Yeah, “Netflix and Chill,” is pretty basic, but you do you
  • Have a Game Night With Friends- it’ll at least entertain you for a few hours, plus friendship is always good!
  • Have Drinks at a Friend’s House- it’s cheaper than the bar/club, plus a good bonding experience that avoids the crowds and deafening music
  • Go Shopping- Treat yourself with some new clothes or random things you’ve been wanting to buy at Target
  • Hit up Your Downtown Area- a walk around the city can be fun, plus you can discover places for your next adventure

Really, just do whatever you’ve been wanting to do! It’s your time, after all.


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