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Hit the Gym!

Are you one of those people who bought a gym membership, expecting to go regularly, but goes twice a year? Then you’re probably lacking the motivation to exercise on a regular basis. Your inner Fat Amy (Pitch Perfect) says, “Yeah, no. Don’t put me down for cardio” every time you think of exercising.

“How do I get myself in Exercise Mode?”


It’s easy. Just Do It! (Yes, like the Nike slogan). It’s the only way.

Yes, exercising is painful and exhausting. It’s even worse when you don’t do it regularly. But as my high school cross country coach used to tell us, “if it doesn’t feel uncomfortable, you’re not trying hard enough.” So you have to power through it!

There are a couple ways to ease the blood, sweat and tears. You can listen to music. Or, if you’re in the gym, some gyms have televisions and Netflix.  That’s a good pastime as you feel like you’re dying in the treadmill. You could also find a gym buddy: get one of your friends to accompany you on the struggle.

So, no more “horizontal running,” as Fat Amy would say. Start actually running. And the more often you do it, the easier it gets. And the better you feel about yourself! 

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