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You Can Be Princess Jasmine! 

Honestly, Jasmine was my favorite princess growing up. It didn’t really occur to me why until my twenties.

What did Jasmine teach us? And how can we be more like her?

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Be Picky

Jasmine wants a man, but she refuses to marry just anyone. She turns down countless suitors. Maybe we could be more picky about who we date. Like Jasmine, perhaps love and chemistry should matter to us.

Don’t Be Afraid to Voice Your Opinion

She doesn’t want much to do with her princess duties, and she’s not afraid to tell her father that she needs a more adventurous life. And she tells off that weirdo Jafar quite a few times. Being more straightforward with our thoughts and opinions could be good.


Yeah, we don’t have a handy magic carpet to take us pretty much anywhere we want. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t make an effort to explore a nearby town or state every once in awhile. Adventure is out there!

Be Caring 

She looks after those little birds and risks getting her hand chopped off in order to give an apple to a poor little boy. Maybe we could all be kinder to those less fortunate, and to cute little animals.

If you start acting more like her, maybe you’ll get to experience “a whole new world.”

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