Our Top Ten Favorite Movies

The Academy Awards are tonight, so it’s time to celebrate movies! Here is a list of our Top Ten Favorite Movies of All-Time.

Comment with your own!

Feel free to disagree with the quality and unworthiness of any of these Ten (although, we will still shamelessly love all of these movies):

1. Legally Blonde– super inspirational and absolutely hilarious. Also, Elle Woods is one of the greatest characters in cinematic history. Enough said

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2. Clueless– one of the most quotable movies of all-time (“As If!”), plus it also defined life in the 90’s. Cher Horowitz is funny, clueless, a humanitarian, and everything we aspire to be

Image Source
3. Scream– the perfect mix between comedy and horror. It resurrected the horror genre in the 90’s and is a fun classic murder mystery

Image source
4. American Pie– had low expectations for this movie. Shockingly, it had a big heart and was surprisingly real and funny. Plus, the characters are all fantastic

Image Source
5. The Lion King– the greatest animated movie of all-time, and that soundtrack will be forever in my head. “Circle of Life”

Image Source
6. Mean Girls– if you grew up in the 2000’s, there is a very good chance this is one of your favorites (more likely than the 30 % chance that it’s already raining outside). And we quote it pretty much every day in some situation

Image Source
7. Aladdin– because Aladdin was the OG crush, and he and Jasmine defined relationship goals. And that soundtrack!

Image Source
8. Easy A- the self-awareness, humor and Emma Stone are on point. It’s pretty much a classic John Hughes movie, but it knows it’s a John Hughes movie so it’s fantastic

Image Source
9. Pitch Perfect– can’t even think of a movie that made me laugh so hard from start to finish. Everything Fat Amy said was gold, and the entire cast are great characters. Also, the music is aca-amazing

Image Source
10. She’s The Man– Amanda Bynes’ character had many hilarious lines, and it was the debut of Channing Tatum! The quintessential mid-2000s teen movie that my 13-year old self will never forget

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