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Is Having A LinkedIn Profile Important?

Yes! And before you say that you’re not professional (because honestly, not all of us are), here’s why you should consider it:

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Potential Employers Do Sometimes Look At It

At my current job, the HR rep who contacted me had looked on my LinkedIn profile beforehand, and had a few questions about it. I’ve also been told by some recruiters that companies might pass on you if you don’t have one. You don’t want that to be the reason you don’t get your dream job

There Are Job Postings

If you’re looking for a new job, lots of companies post on LinkedIn! Also, some applications let you just apply with your LinkedIn profile, which saves a lot of time

It’s Good For Networking

Remember that kid you sat next to in Business Law? Well now he’s a hotshot at Google. If you have his contact info on LinkedIn, you could message him and ask him how he got to such a good position. It’s worth a shot

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It Makes You Look Good

Just having one shows interest in your career and in having success in life as well. It also displays a level of professionalism. Plus, if you make it look good, that will make you look extra qualified in potential employers’ eyes

It Lets You Showcase Projects You Have

Whether you have a blog, a website, or your own freelance company, you can add on a link on your profile! Since very professional, intelligent people are on LinkedIn, you might find someone who can help you with your project

You Could Get Contact Info of Important People

This one takes some courage. As many professionals are on LinkedIn, you can find lots of helpful people in your career field. You could reach out to a manager in a department of a company you want to work for, and ask to set up an informational meeting. Yes, that does sound like it’s a bit much, but sometimes it works! So if you’re feeling optimistic, give it a shot. At the very least, they’ll know you’re interested and passionate about what you do

Here is a link to my own LinkedIn profile if you would like a reference:

LinkedIn Example

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