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What You Can Do On Saturday Morning


This probably doesn’t sound too fun, but chances are, you don’t clean during the week if you work. Cleaning could also make you feel productive and provide a sense of accomplishment when your bathroom looks new and shiny

Catch Up On Your Shows

If you’re looking for a lazy Saturday morning, curl up on the couch and watch those new episodes you didn’t have time for during the week

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Go For A Walk (Or Hike)

Especially if you’ve been trapped indoors all week, it can feel good to get out in the open. Do some exploring!

Get Brunch With Friends

Connect with your friends you haven’t seen in weeks or months. Plus, you can try that Insta-worthy French toast that looks bomb at your local café.

Make a Nice Breakfast

Like most people, you probably just have a grab-and-go, quick breakfast on work days. But on weekends, you can make a nice, refreshing breakfast. Pancakes, waffles, fruit! Sounds really good right now.

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