Should You “Go Out” Tonight?

Debating whether to go to that party or to the club/bar with friends? We’ll help you decide, based on your answers to these questions below:

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Are You Tired?

  • If Yes, then stay in- going out takes a lot of energy, and you don’t want to be the one passing out on someone’s couch or in the corner of the club
  • If No, then use that energy to dance the night away at the club!

Do You Have Money To Spend?

  • If Yes, then strongly consider it!
  • If No, then keep your broke ass at home

Have You Been Social This Week?

  • If Yes, then you are exempt from going out if you really don’t want to
  • If No, then some social interaction would do you good! (so you probably should atleast do something that involves people besides the characters on your TV screen)

Do You Need a Drink?

  • If Yes, then the bar/club is the place to go! Drink for me!
  • If No, then you should probably stay in- the bar/club is a much different place when you’re super sober

Have You Had Enough Of People this Week?

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  • If Yes, then the bar/club isn’t the place to go- they are usually packed with people. Moreover, they can be drunk and out-of-control people that you will not have the patience for
  • If No, then good for you! The bar/club dwellers shouldn’t bother you too much


Ultimately, “what does your heart tell you?” Actually, that’s a bit dramatic. Just remember, if you really don’t want to go, maybe you should say no

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