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Don’t Be Afraid To Speak Your Mind! 

Let’s be honest, Hunchback of Notre Dame is one of the most unappreciated, underrated Disney movies of all-time. Its core female character, Esmerelda, is one of the reasons why. Esmerelda taught us a lot about being strong women and people, so here is what we can learn from our WCW and Queen of the Week:

Stand Up To Authority

Esmerelda spends the whole movie fighting Frolo and his evil racist agenda. She endangers herself quite a bit, but isn’t afraid to stand up to him and help her people

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Don’t Be Prejudiced

While everyone fears sweetheart Quasimodo because he’s a hunchback, Esmerelda gives him a chance. She learns that he’s actually a super awesome guy

Help Those In Need

All Esmerelda wants is for outcasts like herself, the Gypsies and Quasimodo to find justice. And she won’t stop fighting for it!

Don’t Tolerate Any Foolishness

Phoebus has a thing for Esmerelda early on, but she thinks he’s a jerk at first and doesn’t give in. She has no time for bad guys! Not until she realizes he’s a good guy who respects her does she give him a chance

esmerelda 3.jpg
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So, be more like Esmerelda! Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions, fight for those who need help, and be picky about the guys you date. Also, if you get a goat sidekick, that would be pretty awesome

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