A Disney Fan’s Must Visit! 

If you go to Disney’s California Adventure, there is one restaurant you must visit! The Cove Bar overlooking Paradise Pier.

The Cove Bar? Isn’t Disneyland supposed to be a place for kids? Yes, but it’s perfectly kid-friendly, and very calm and classy.

The outdoor restaurant/bar overlooks Paradise Pier so it’s quite the scenic view. The best time to go is right before when they close, so you can watch World of Color from your table!

If you’re 21, you have to try one of their drinks. The drink menu is pretty big and has every type of drink you can imagine: wines, sangrias, beer, margaritas, etc. We recommend trying one of their specialty drinks! The Pina Colava is a tasty Pina Colada and the Magical Star Cocktail is a fruity drink with a glow-in-the-dark souvenir cube.

Actually, some of the best drinks are off the menu. The Mickey’s Fun Wheel is a blue, yellow and red drink named after DCA’s Ferris Wheel. The Neverland Punch is a green, fruity pineapple flavored drink. The Black Pearl is a very strong rum drink. For more off-the-menu drinks, search the Cove Bar on Instagram!

One thing you must absolutely must get is the Instagram-famous Lobster Nachos! (You could also substitute for Chicken if you want). They are the most amazing nachos you will ever have. They’re perfect to split with a party of two or three.

So if you’re lucky enough to visit Disney’s California Adventure, make sure you go to The Cove Bar. There may be a wait for a table, but it is worth it. Plus, you’ll have some really cool Instas at the end.


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